Autel Evo 2 Dual-1st impression

by Jose

This is bill with paddle tone drones. I’m out here at the park here in Swami Cole, they’re, going to be tests in the hotel evo2 all right. So here’s. What we got today, we got the AH tell Evo to duel. This is the one with the high-resolution thermal camera and over here in the back of my truck, I have the flight deck running on a 24 inch television, so this is rebroadcasting what we’re, seeing on the remote controller – and here is the flight Deck right there, so that is the device that is picking up the live.

Video feed from the aircraft I’ve, been doing a lot of research getting familiar with the remote controller and stuff. Before I actually put this bird in the air, let’s, see what happens. I really like the orange airframe a lot.

It is so much easier to see than the gray order at white airframes. Getting some keep signatures off the the grass right now. It’s, just a very hot sunny day. This is not an ideal situation for using a thermal, but you can see the differences in the color temperatures and switch through on the bottom down here and I can choose my color palettes on the scroll wheel.

Live deck really are going to be a useful tool. If you’re running any kind of a search-and-rescue operation – and it also has a network connection, so you could livestream this through the internet as long as you had that type of a connection, the thing that we’ve been waiting for, Is a high-resolution thermal imager on a portable drone, something that can be folded up carried in squad or the incident command or – and this thing I can deploy this in just a couple of minutes.

Another set of features that this unit has that. I really appreciate is the automated flight modes. This one has an orbit. That was something that’s missing on the DJI pilot app I don’t know why they don’t, have that or took that out.

That’s, a very desirable, automated flight mode, if you have a barricaded, suspect or if you have a house or something that you’re monitoring just having that aircraft orbit is really nice. This has that.

So just a couple initial observations. Incredibly stable, you know, dialed in locked in very responsive. There is the ability to change the exponential and the remote. You can go into your settings and you can turn that down to make it fly just a little more smoother.

If that’s, the type of flying that you want, the way that it is it’s, just real kind of sporty and snappy a little bit of change over for me, getting used to the remote buttons are somewhat in the same Place but the command or control interface is different enough that I had to hesitate, and I had to look through the menus a little bit more to find settings and adjust things a little bit if I was transitioning from one type of aircraft.

What I would do is, I would just spend time, getting some reps in on this one so that you can get familiar with the location, so it’s. Second nature to you. You know a lot of lot of good features, a lot of things to say about this, but this is just an initial reaction to operating this aircraft.

This time this is not a full review. I’ll. Do a couple more test flights here create a little bit more Santa sample footage and we’ll. Continue our analysis of this excellent piece of hardware thanks, you

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