Attop YD 829 Sky Dreamer Drone Review

by Jose

good morning quite copter 101 here and I got you for you today a neat review is the yd eight to nine now this is a quadcopter I'd been meaning to review for quite some time now I just never never got around to doing it I never had a chance to do it but today we're going to achieve that review why am i interested in a YT 289 mainly because I hear it's a great flier I find it kind of find it kind of hard to believe that it would be a great flier because it uses bladed props and usually these bladed props although they give you more lift they also create more drag on a quadcopter so I wasn't sure that this would be suitable for a high performance quadcopter but that's I'm hearing different okay I'm hearing from others believe it frequent flyer RC also has this and that it's a great flier so I want to demonstrate that myself to see how this flies so let's go for a flight of the yd eight to nine let's go over to quickly over its controls before we go into a flight this controls the beginner intermediate I believe it has expert we'll find out how many modes it has it does have headless mode of course as all copters these do they do have there is a camera version of this quadcopter so if you've got the camera version that one's a little more costly than this one I believe by by about sixteen dollars but you can control the video by pressing that button and can control the taking of photographs by pressing that button and I believe this button here is the one key return we're going to try that out also today so let's go for a flight of the yd eight to nine now first thing it comes with a believe 350 milliamp hour battery that's usually you see on these small micros of a couple years ago there's a lot of these batteries out there in other words which means you can get replacement batteries very easily for this and they should be very cheap at the same time so let's put this on the ground and bind it turning on the transmitter okay we're bond ready to fly let's go for flight so the first thing I want to look at is range it says it's got to range up to out 100 meters well there's expert beginner intermediate let's see if we can make it to the end of the soccer field no over body range I'm saying about 60 meters and once that reaches that range it I don't know if you're seeing what I'm seeing here once it reaches the outer edge of its range it levels off and just hovers for about five seconds before that motor goes off by the way I've already tested this the motor does go out of or the motor does shut down eventually after about four or five seconds so the range in this is not to about I'd say about 6070 meters going on again yeah about 60 meters 70 meters okay let's bring it in for the real reason I want to look at this quadcopter is it's like performance let's get a thumbnail worn and by okay I'll beam intermediate right now let's go to expert this is the thumbnails an expert about flips okay that's enough flips where does the flip button on this thing I'm not sure this has a flip button okay a bit headless mode right now headless mode is working fine let's bring that in and show you that left-right let's try the one key return we'll set it down upwind about there press that button there and yes it does fly back which is surprising that headless mode actually works well like this or the what key return if you fly up win pressing the one key return damn it seems to flying directly back to me let's go this direction then over here one key return no way that's cool 90 degrees off then press one key return you know it flies back parallel to the headless mode bearing when you press the 1 key return but the one key return does work coming out of headless mode okay it has one two I don't know what the second beep is worth okay that's the headless mode when you press this right button you get beeps I'm not sure what the third beep is for Oh No okay there's one beep – beep so one beep for headless mode – beep – come on a headless mode okay I don't know what that third beep was for now look at the funnels that this thing can do amazing you know I've seen faster yaw rates but the yaw rate on this is pretty darn amazing let's just show you that this is the art rate on this an expert this is beginner still reasonable yaw rate at beginner intermediate expert no I know this should have a flip button but I just don't understand maybe it's the right person that no no oh yeah there we go I'm for the foot buttons this thing here but unfortunately my battery's too low to demonstrate the flips oh there we go and because of that flip the battery is getting low okay this is just the first flight of this thing just taking a look at it let's see how the stick it is a steady flyer though good beginners quadcopter extremely hot rate on this thing good headless mode good one key return remember one key return you want to keep it up pointing up the headless mode bearing for that to work next flyer and that's that's the flight time so overall first impressions very nice flyer for chrony micro-mini chrony this is the whitey eight to nine good flyer I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out that this is the flip button here before this quadcopter we would add some more demonstrations are flipping particularly I wanted to see do barrel rolls maybe I'll get another chance to fly this again in the future here and try add barrel rolls and loop flips with forward flight so this is quite copter 101 let me hold this up for my to get a nice thumbnail Clark up to 101 hope you enjoy just like copter 101 signing at

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