Arma 2 Domintaion: Reaper Drone

by Jose
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Good luck put good Reaper on it’s not like the Reaper is super special, but I mean look at this baby. It’s. Pretty awesome me honestly. I prefer. Okay, I’ll, get in all the Jets get in behind the right wing, okay about ten meters back right wing.

It’s aside, ten years back, okay, that’s too much. I’m scrolling to my heart’s. Content keep moving back. Wonder would be that’s. Good. I don’t. Wait there we go, I get it yeah there you go. Animators back was too much.

It’s actually more like five. It was a sneezing, a laser marker Hellfire. There we go. Okay, let’s. Do this! Ah, a 1000 those that before any Lee, just did yeah, but now there’s an eight in there, but she could take off, and I could this thing takes off real slow go home me ask a guy mates in so I don’t, you name, could you uh clear the runway so that the Reaper can take off? Okay thanks? Okay, he’ll, be clearing off soon; okay, he’s off okay, clear the runway reapers taking off okay, we’re going for examine.

Apparently you have chairman marked. Are you gonna mark? Whenever your name, I will, when we get in the air okay, already marked, we’re coming body, is loaded yeah. This thing has a really bad acceleration rate was that Black Hawk yeah it was dominating so awesome.

I should play this more. You should. I play this all the time I don’t regret it. I wouldn’t. I mean this is amazing. You get like fly Reaper drones over targets where you just leave just own them. You friggin in charge cities with like Bradley’s and 103 tusks and stuff yeah it’s.

It can be really like last night was really awesome. Whenever we take the city, I mean like all of a sudden. We saw that Black Hawk comments like reinforcements yeah, like Arthur, like parachuting in really and then freaking our tank, get like the the gun got damaged after I took out like six BTR’s on the hill.

It was awesome, yeah, okay, oh my god. We’re 12,000 meters away. We’ll, be there before you know it. Okay, does this thing, has a thermal forget it does? It does, but remember that your Hellfire lock-on is only in front of the aircraft so uh.

I usually do this with manual fire, so I know how to land it up pretty well. Okay, so only your refreshment mind it’s hold right click to walk on right, but I click no stab it stab. I use hold right click.

You do mm-hmm, okay, I fell how you lock on well find out. He’s. Both I’ll use both usually that’s. I haven’t. I may have edited my tab to be my lock on, but I don’t, remember yeah. I don’t edit my options very much.

I just go for defaults. This is going freaking fast, 400 meters per second dude. You have no idea what I can do within that 35. I bet you can do like freaking, like you, like. You know, like you’re in a circus or something with the next 35 brah brah you suck it.

You just sounded hilarious. I mean regular could mean writer sees where things were like bruh, bruh and stuff like that yeah there is the miracle. There is a vehicle down there. I don’t think that’s, a friendly Bradley, though, or an abandoned Bradley.

Okay, get your Hellfires ready. We’re, getting ready to come up on it. Alright, you ready for this. Yes, you’re ready. Look! I’m a man Adam okay! I’m waiting for a heat. Oh wait. Yep I see him. I saw should not pick off it’s, probably on its way, oh and when you use your Hellfires, you don’t need to see them to log on you can lock on outside a visual range.

Okay, ladies, you can walk on out of light 4,000 meters. Okay, just uh, I think I locked on don ‘ T need a lecture. What’s? The lot really heavy. I’m, repairing it, but I know that’s. All like three helicopters take off.

Surely they’re on their way now, but they’re bad user join the challenge. Oh hi, I’m Toni Braxton and I’d, like for you to unwrap my heart. Don’t, go breaking my heart. No okay! We’re coming back around okay on so I’m free sure.

If I’m right, though it’s, right-click to hold right click for me Basin, tab, didn’t work; okay, try it breaking my heart! Think it’s right out! Nope! It’s, not right click, oh yeah! It is tap though.

Okay yeah tab is right. Oh wow, there’s, shoka catch it earlier. I don’t know it’s behind us now yeah. Well, I got a Jeep, let’s, all that lockdown hey! Are you coming back around of it back around it soon? You know what side should be cleaning now what America, where’s mommy? So we’re, going back ground game.

We’re, going back around like right now, okay, I’ll. Learn him back! Oh right! It beats here down. Is it bloom up yeah? It blew up okay, something over going back around okay, and he looks my my thunder that’s, fun.

Where’s, my son, I’ll call later. Whatever? Can you make sure my I’m? Looking at the area? Okay, we’re, getting ready to come back around okay. Let me just try to find that marker. I’m lining up for a better spot, yeah.

Okay, we get five elfstones or Hellfires left; okay, the you doo doo doo doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doodoo duty. Maybe I’m. Looking at the target, okay, better get back into your normal menu Simon, around a target.

All right. Okay, get ready for your la cones; it’s, a pretty no now just start pressing tab. That was at least one three kills may have been. You should check how my tech press, I you’ll, see how many poor armor kills.

You got okay, that was like two or three kills. I think this is fun. Yeah I’ve almost died once died twice. I see, I guess we know who’s. Mlg in this group me will never be good. How far? How long do they go background? Actually, we were just making the strike now.

Oh okay, so I mean yeah. Now I know where this I know where the show is now, though Nishioka I know where it is holy in tier yeah. Okay, anti-air go like alright yeah, where is it? Zell walked onto that thing for the weird, though, whenever we remember that you do turn these.

The guns like on the side I’m, like where am I you’re, ready, get ready. First time start person to you easy military, off-road hope. I’m out when you go back to base refill yeah there’s enemy helicopters out here now it was a clean.

The two kills. This is a pretty bad a plane, though isn’t it. No. Why not? Why? No it’s like it. No, I like it. It’s, just nothing compared to what I can do in other planes I mean like. Are we gonna stand this for a while, or are we gonna like just leave it? If there’s, some more there’s like an attack helicopter, I’ll uh, I’ll move the attack helicopter, but unless there’s like two jets, if there’s, two Jets we’ll split up and take the Jets or, if there’s, an attack helicopter, we’ll jump in that, but otherwise we’re.

Staying in here I mean this thing’s, pretty good for taking out tanks and stuff, though this is really effective. It has pretty effective yeah it’s, it doesn’t. It’s, a small target, so enemies can’t hit it that well, and it doesn’t produce a lot of heat.

I don’t. I almost never get locked on my missiles in this thing. I bet you, though I bet you that this thing in real life cost elites two billion dollars a billion mm-hmm, not even close, I feel way too high.

Oh wait! I like what a waiting huh, okay, it’s. Probably it’s. Probably more than that, it’s in a couple of millions. Okay couple of millions and I don’t, remember like uh. It’s about you, know in battlefield, 3 or battles for those huge, like those huge armored trucks that you get from, that kill streak.

Isn’t like that. No I don’t play battlefield 4. I won’t need to do I it, but I mean I know. While we’re going straight down, yeah ask we’re gonna go and land. Are you lining up yep yeah? It’s, probably better that you fly.

I think I’d, prefer to gunrunners better view for recording you know. Oh, we’re going straight down. We’re, dropping too much hold on so it was damaged. Did you

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