Alexa Drone Pilot

Hello, everyone I want to share with you our a cool project. We use a list of voice commands to have overthrown in real time. So let’s right here’s, the architecture of electron pileup on the left. We have an Alexa device that sends voice commands to a service that maps them to structure Tech’s, comments that are in turn sent to a lambda function that publishes them to an Internet of Things topic on the right.

We have a mobile application that connects to the Internet of Things service using credentials obtained once via kognito. Then the mobile application subscribes to the same topic that the lambda function publishes to and listens for, comments that once received, are sent to the drone.

So when a voice command is captured by the Alexa, it travels all the way to the drone in real-time and because the Internet of Things service supports multiple subscribers. Our whole fleet of drones can be piloted with a single voice command car picture.

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Source : Youtube

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