Albert Polanco Testimonial- CineChopper Drone Training University Review

by Jose
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As a little kid I dreamt of remote controlled flying machines, I could one day fly. I didn’t get my first one until early 2015, but I was instantly hooked. It became an instant passion of mine to see the world from this elevated place.

My name is Albert Polanco. I’m, a professional videographer and aspiring aerial, cinematographer and founder of revolt, cinematic media. I always seek out thought leaders who inspire me that I can learn from that’s.

How I found Chris Newman founder of cinna chopper John University, it’s also, where I got my start into the world of aerial cinematography. I invest in my dream and paid for his membership course. I still used today years later, I’m still blown away.

The community chris has been able to create. He has hands down the best online course. I’ve, seen if you want to dive into the world of aerial cinematography. I now get to travel the world doing what I love to do.

The level of knowledge and insight he offers is worth every single penny. I look forward to working with chris and other passionate creatives in this amazing industry with things rapidly advancing in this industry.

It’s, awesome to see this in chopper it’s, constantly evolving and getting better for anyone serious about learning this industry and staying up to date. This is a place for you. You don’t just get a course to follow.

You get to become part of the community of like-minded people looking to grow. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn this craft. You

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