Airborne-Unmanned 12.02.20: Drone Certs, Drone Pilot Busted, Flirtey-Vault

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Coming up on today’s episode of airborne unmanned, the faa moving forward to enable safe integration of , also busted pilots suspected of hitting lapd chopper, is arrested and flirty partners with volt health to conduct 19 test kit. Drone delivery. Welcome to the era news network’s airborne unmanned program, a weekly news program covering all things unmanned, in partnership with , the association for unmanned vehicles, systems international hi. I’M your host kimberly k. We have a packed episode today.


So, let’s start with faa is moving forward to enable safe integration of . The faa published air worthiness criteria for the proposed certification of 10 different uas as special class aircraft. This is a crucial step to enabling more complex drone operations beyond what is allowed under the small unmanned aircraft. Rural part 107, including package delivery, director of aircraft, certification, service policy and innovation. Dr michael romanowski said the development of airworthiness, durable and reliable unmanned aircraft is a crucial step forward for this innovative sector.


The airworthiness criteria provide a level of safety equivalent to that provided by existing air worthiness standards applicable to other categories of aircrafts and establish a defined path to type certification for specific . Each applicant seeking a type certificate must follow faa’s requirements and safety objectives. The applicant’s drone range from 5 to 89 pounds and includes several types of vehicle designs, including both fixed wing and motorcraft, and all are electric powered. Each notice outlines the applicant’s proposed uas4 certification and airworthiness criteria proposed by the faa. This is a step in certification process and does not imply these applicants have earned type certificates coming up after the break.


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We are built on honor. We are hartzel propeller in the next unmanned minute. Let’S take a brief look at a few of the shorter stories that are making rounds in the unmanned vehicle communities check this out falcon 9 launches 100 times and its seventh use of its first stage. Booster. On tuesday november 24th, spacex launched its 16th starlight mission from cape canaveral air force station.


The falcon 9 first stage rocket booster. That supported this mission previously flew on six other missions. Following stage separation, spacex landed falcon 9’s first stage on the of course. I still love you drone ship, which was located in the atlantic ocean. It was the 61st successful landing of the first stage booster, one half of the falcon 9’s fairing previously supported a mission and the other half previously supported too here’s some exciting news: unveils control handoff during first submarine drone delivery, the long endurance, hybrid, electric perimeter, Drone was recently used to perform the first ship to submarine delivery via small unmanned aircraft during the historic flight.


The perimeter took off from a moving surface vessel and delivered supplies to the crew of the ballistic missile submarine in a quick and cost-effective way to resupply submarines. At sea the flight unveiled ’s command and control handoff capability during the flight pilots aboard the surface vessel, launched the drone and flew it near the submarine. Once there, pilots aboard the submarine, took control of the drone and released the package onto the top of the sub walmart wants to get you into the holiday spirit with holiday. Drone shows walmart is planning the walmart holiday drone light show an all-new experience that will be performed in the skies of select communities across the country and via live streamed events. The walmart holiday drone light show is a free and contactless experience that brings holiday songs to life like never before, thanks to nearly 1 000 intel drones launched into the night sky, the light show creates three-dimensional.


Seasonal shapes and characters like snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen and holiday. Presents initial drone registrations about to expire, the faa is reminding everyone whose drone registration expires on december that the drone zone is the faa’s official website for registration. If you completed your drone registration directly with the faa before the drone zone was established in january 2018, a drone zone account was already created using your information that you provided, if you registered using a third party service contact that company to request your drone zone login Credentials otherwise, you will have to create a new account in the drone zone and get a new registration that was our unmanned minute. Now, let’s go back to the rest of the news. The drone pilot suspected of hitting an lapd helicopter was arrested using data from the remnants of the drone that hit the lapd helicopter last september and other evidence the feds believe they have found the operator of the errant aircraft special agents with the fbi this week arrested A hollywood man on federal charges, alleging that he recklessly operated a drone that crashed into a los angeles department’s helicopter, the drone damaged the lapd’s aircraft and the pilot was forced to initiate an emergency landing.


The drone also damaged a vehicle when the unmanned aircraft fell from the sky after the crash twenty-two-year-old andrew rene hernandez was arrested pursuant to a criminal complaint filed wednesday that charges him with one count of unsafe operation of an unmanned aircraft. According to the complaint filed in the united states district court during the early morning, hours of september 18th lapd officers responded to a burglary call at a pharmacy. In hollywood, the responding officers requested air support and an lapd helicopter flew towards the scene. As the helicopter approached the pharmacy, the pilot saw the drone and attempted to evade the unmanned aircraft coming up. Flirty partners with vault health to conduct cover 19 test kit drone delivery, those details after the break [ Music ].


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Well, that does it for our show today. Thank you for joining us. I’M your host kimberly k, don’t forget to subscribe to us on youtube. You can also catch us on roku and fire tv, just search for arrow news or airborne in the directory. We are currently operating on our winter schedule, so airborne is streamed monday, wednesday and friday.


We hope you enjoy the show we’ll see you next time.

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