Airborne-Unmanned 01.20.21: Drone Pilot Pleads, Arcturus Acquired, Sony Airpeak

by Jose


Coming up on today’s episode of airborne unmanned pilot pleads guilty to helicopter hit, also our environment to acquire arturous, uav and sony’s air peak publicly unveiled welcome to our news network’s airborne unmanned program, a weekly program covering all things unmanned in partnership with auvsi, the Association for unmanned vehicle systems, international hi, i’m your host kimberly k. We have a packed episode today filled with the latest news. So let’s start with remember that story about a dumb pilot hitting a helicopter. Well, he pleaded guilty. As previously noted, a california drone pilot was arrested on suspicion of having flown his hobby drone into an lapd helicopter.

Now this orderly errant-drone pilot has pleaded guilty to a federal criminal charge that he recklessly operated a drone that crashed into and damaged a fuselage of a los angeles department. Helicopter andrew renee hernandez who’s just 22 years old pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of unsafe operation of an unmanned aircraft. According to his plea deal on september 18th of last year, at approximately 12 18 in the morning, hernandez heard vehicles driving near his residence and a helicopter flying overhead curious about the commotion hernandez, launched a drone that he owned towards the police activity and in The helicopter’s direction, an lapd helicopter operated by two police officers, was first flying towards the reported emergency at a pharmacy. In hollywood, as the helicopter approached the pharmacy, the pilot saw the drone and attempted to evade the unmanned aircraft, but a collision occurred united states district judge. George h wu scheduled a hearing on april 12, which will be the sentencing hearing at which time hernandez will face a statutory maximum sentence of one year in federal prison coming up after the break virgin.

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This out mission achieved virgin orbits launch demo 2 deploys nasa payloads virgin orbit confirms that its unmanned launcher 1 rocket reach space during the company’s. Second, launch demonstration successfully deploying 10 payloads for nasa’s launch services. Program virgin orbit’s launch system uses a technique called air launch in which a rocket is launched from under the wing of a jet aircraft, rather than from a traditional launch pad on the ground. After a smooth release from the aircraft, the two-stage rocket ignited and powered itself to orbit at the conclusion of the flight, the launcher one rocket deployed 10 cubesats into the team’s target orbit faa posts. Initial super bowl, 55 flight requirements.

Drone pilots, who want to fly around tampa florida from february 3rd until the 9th will need to check out the faa, no tam for air traffic procedures for the area. Super bowl 55 is sunday february 7th at raymond james stadium, as a designated national security special event. Additional unmanned aircraft restrictions will be in place before during and after the super bowl and yes, the super bowl is a no drone zone. The faa has published a webpage with information for tampa florida area, aerospace and airports. Skydio earned ces 2021 best innovation award.

The skydio x2 has received a ces 2021 best of innovation award for drones and unmanned systems. The announcement was made ahead of the first ever all digital ces, 2021. Skydio x2 is the company’s new autonomous drone for and public sector customers, skadio x2 pairs, skyy autonomy and all driven systems that gives drones the skills of an expert pilot with a foldable, highly portable airframe that leverages hyper-strength composites to withstand the most demanding environments. Drl reaches a betting deal with sports gaming operation and they are ready to take your money. The drone racing league has announced a deal with draftkings inc to make the sports and entertainment company an official sports betting partner of drl upon completion of this deal.

Drl drone races became the first aerial sporting event upon which fans can wager mobile sports betting on drl drone races is currently legal in colorado, new hampshire, new jersey, tennessee and west virginia with regulatory approvals pending in additional states. That was our unmanned minute. Now’S return to the rest of the news, our environment, to acquire our tourist uav, our environment and our tourist uav have entered into a definite agreement under which our environment will acquire our tourist uav for a total purchase. Price of 405 million dollars, including 355 million in cash and 50 million in stock. The transaction, which was unanimously approved by the our environment and our tourist uav board of directors, is expected to accelerate our environment strategy to drive profitable growth and value by expanding into attractive adjacent segments and by broadening its capabilities and customers.

Footprint founded in 2004, our tourist uav has approximately 270 employees designed and manufactures group 2 and group 3 uas and provides related services, including contractor-owned contractor-operated services. Our tourist uav is the leading supplier of u.s socom, supporting its 1.4 billion m e uas three and four programs, and one of the four awardees selected for funded development and demonstrations, supporting the us army’s ft uas program and a potential billion dollar next generation uas program. Our tourist uav has a demonstrated track record of solid performance with top line growth exceeding 20 percent for each of its last two fiscal years after the break sony unveils its air peak aircraft.

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om. I believe that if people use the landing doctor training program, they will have less accidents and eventually their insurance will go down and they will make a superior pilot. We do personal limitation checklist, which is the most important reason you need to fly with limits. We do ground proximity, awareness, training and we do this with a crosswind. We’Ve been operating six bristels for two years without one insurance claim.

The landing doctor program is working and you’re gon na hear more about it. Welcome back sony’s air peak drone publicly unveiled during the festivities last week surrounding ces, somewhat lackluster virtual 2021 event. Sony has unveiled their air peak aircraft as part of its drone project dedicated to the area of ai robotics. The drone that has now been seen a few times questions are slowly being answered about its mission and capabilities. Air peak is expected to be released to the public this spring and is specifically aimed at professional photographers and video pros.

Exact dimensions of the quadcopter were not yet provided, but the aircraft is supported by two landing gear: extensions that retract upward when it takes flight. In this first phase of its deployment, sony will launch a new business segment in the spring of this year. The drone can be equipped to fly with an alpha mirrorless camera and it’s reportedly, the smallest unmanned aircraft capable of flying with this equipment. Sony is teasing further info and is offering only gradual details as they lead into the spring launch time frame. Well, that does it for our show today.

Thank you for joining us. I’M your host kimberly k, don’t forget to subscribe to us on youtube. You can also catch episodes of our show on roku and fire tv just search for air news or airport in the directory.

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