Aero-TV: Realflight Drone Sim – UAV/Drone Training Without Risk

by Jose

Josh, when you look at the tremendous currently available in multi rotor systems, otherwise called drones by the great unwashed public at this point, there’s some really great stuff out there, but let’s face it, the good machines come with a little bit of a price tag. A lot of people are going to be very concerned that they have the skills or, for that matter, understand the operations enough to be able to drop a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars or some of the decent entry-level semi-pro drones and things of that nature. So it seems to me that something along the lines of what I’ve experienced with in the past, and now you have a dedicated sim. Can this be used to mollify the concerns people have about plunking down a thousand bucks or more to get the of their dreams? Yeah.

Absolutely really. The best way to think of real fight. is really an insurance policy, because, even with the great , that’s out there, every single drone out there there’s not one. They do fail from time to time, and one of the biggest things that we find with the drones is well one day work properly. They’Re super easy to fly and you’re, really not flying them, you’re, just pointing it telling it where to go when it goes there.

Well, what happens when you have a problem? What happens when GPS goes out or your altimeter is go out? You have something like that or toilet bowling starts some way. That’S never flown a drone manually before can’t really fix that with RF drone. You can actually practice manually flying as well as getting used two orientations and stuff like that.

So you can take your one. You can be safe with your drone, but you can also utilize all of the features that your drone offers. That’S some of the great things that RF drone has. So it’s got multiple drones, also, if you’re looking at like aerial photography stuff, if you want to play around with racing drones, you can do that. You can play around with a lot of that, you can play with different sceneries.

You can get used to how to control the gimbals also, if you’re not from the radio control world, the radios can be kind of intimidating and getting used, two switches and dials and knobs, and all that really RF drone gives you the opportunity to learn it, and You still have that magical red button that real flights offer to restart it into we’ll ask me: why get real fight drum it’s the same answer to give when I talk about real flight 7.5, and that is that, if you can fly it and prevent a single Crash you’ve more than paid for real flight drone, and any time after that that you can save yourself from a crash you pay for it over and over and over and over it again. What’S it cost the real flight drone runs right around 129 99. Can you really teach yourself to fly these things and not worry about re kidding it too quickly? Absolutely there’s no question in my mind, and we know of especially with the original we’ve had a lot of success stories where people fly the and then go out and fly the real thing and are very successful doing so.

Drone is no. The RF drone is no exception to that. You can absolutely start off in real flight drone, get comfortable with it and then jump on to the real thing and be much more successful than having not had that practice beforehand. Arrow TV is brought to you by there’s a difference between churning a steady course and pushing for the ceiling and for nearly a century, hartselle propeller has been defining that difference. It’S in our passion for engineering and research and our dedication to testing the limits of performance.

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