Advanced Tactical Drone Training in Las Vegas

by Jose

So the hikers needing help thanks Cynthia Maldonado right now is spent today with first responders to see how drones are now helping them save lives. Firefighters, take air since hilly terrain and Henderson makes them much more difficult to locate lost hikers. That’S why the Henderson Fire Department is training on drones to locate them much quicker. There are trails where hikers can get lost. The Henderson Fire Department is training on how to locate lost trekkers with the help of highly sophisticated drones during any search rescue.

Firefighters have about 30 minutes in the air between batteries. We have about 30 times optical zoom, so that we can zoom very close to someone on the ground and get a very close-up. Look they overexert themselves and don’t bring enough water. Two reasons why the Henderson firefighters respond to so many rescues, especially during the summer Jeremy Hines is the emergency manager. For years and years we’ve been using simple like gas and vehicles to go, look for lost hikers.

He says the sound of a drone. It’S also very helpful. We could call them and ask them if they are seeing the drone in the air which allows us to get a better approximation of where they are at with in the lost area. We ask folks to have a plan when they go out. Make sure you tell somebody where you’re going bring enough water even more than what you may think the summer gets hotter firefighters say: do your part to stay safe, but in any emergency they won’t hesitate to go search for you.

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