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by Jose

Okay, today, we were talking to mark a knee managing director of a VJ Academy and we have cuff questions that we’re gon na go over number one. What is the ABG drug Academy and was it created? The APA Durham Academy is a resource for professional . Pilots, it’s designed so that they can get all the information they need for a successful career as a . It obviously gives them the initial training course they need, which varies according to the country they’re in the power lu7 for, but it then goes beyond that thing is the additional levels that means actually be successful in the drone business.

There are lots of different things. may do and/or, for example, Goldman Sachs report recently suggests there’s a thirteen billion dollar market for commercial drones in the civil arena, but most of that work is in specialist areas, such as doing surveying tomography. Inspection was multispectral work for agriculture. Things like that. Unless a pilot has that skill set, it’s gon na be hard to get a really good top job.

Yeah make sense. Well, a competition of the was telling the course is presented in a beach, a drug academy of courses they’re put together in a very consistent way. There’S usually two major parts to each course: the academic portion and a practical segment. The academic portion is represented in an format, which has the advantage that somebody could have brought along the course any time of day or night do that segment of the training at their own pace and get all the information they need going over as many times As they feel necessary at the end of the academic portion, then there is a theory review where they get to check. They understand all the information exactly and they could need to get 80 % in that to be successful as soon as they do.

They’Ll get a notification now that can be a standalone program or IET. People will also do the practical segment to practical segments. Lemkin takes place with an instructor and they will there do a number of commissions which are basically individual flights where they’ll simulate the kind of things that are probably do in that particular industry. Okay, because if you’re actually doing work exactly and those are gradually increasing in complexity, so by the end of it, you’re you’re simulating a typical job industry, okay or the course is related to any external systems or recognized in some way. The whole drum training industry is very new.

The drill industry is pretty new, and so there aren’t many existing standards out there, but we do make every effort to correlate the things that do and, for example, our thermography course that relates to the ISO standard for training. Photographers, what we’ve done is include all that content and then make sure it also is very much orientated related to drone star operations. Addition these that we are working very closely in developing these kind of qualifications. I personally involved in the creation of standards of drones, and I actually chairman of the British mirror group of this, which is setting these standards, so we’re in a great position to see. What’S coming, then make sure our courses are aligned with it, and you can be sure that any abj course which relates to an international qualification of the same day is going to be exactly aligned with it.

How did somebody enroll in the apg drug and they simply go to our , which is a bj Academy, Google and there they will see all of the different courses with an explanation of each and they can enroll directly onto the course of their choice there. If they want to actually do the practical part as well, which we highly recommend, they can contact us through the information on the , and we can arrange them in touch with an instructor who can deliver the practical session so that they get the entire qualification. What they’ll, then get is ideal for them to go out and work in the industry. Do students enrolling need their own drone or indoor? Should they get one during the class or it’s not essential, and certainly for the initial course many people don’t have their own drone.

Yet because they’re not sure which one to choose, but usually by the time somebody has completed the initial level course they’ve decided on a drone of some sort mm-hmm once they then get into one of the specialist areas. Very often that particular area will need a particular payload look, so they need to have a drone for the course which is capable of carrying that payment. For example, if you’re doing a thermography course, you need a drone that can carry you a camera with infrared capabilities. So in case they don’t have that we can arrange for them to be provided with one of the course, but, as I say, particularly for the first level course, no, it’s not essential. Well.

Thank you for being here mark answering a couple other questions. If you need more information, please go on the , we’ll have down below yeah. Well, it’s my pleasure thanks very much Sam and look forward to seeing you in rolling on one of our courses. Definitely [ Music, ]

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