A Sunshade For The Professional Drone Pilot

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What’S going on guys, Billy here and today, I’ll be sharing with you, my favorite sunshade that I use when I fly my drone now just a quick warning: it is only more expensive side, but in all the Sun shades that I’ve tried this one really does stand Out and I’m gon na try to explain to you why it has become such an important piece of equipment in my everyday flying with my phantom 4 Pro now, the functionality of a sunshade is pretty self-explanatory.


It’S basically little pop-up walls that go around your tablet to block the Sun glare from reflecting off of your screen and up into your eyes. This is really useful if you’re trying to use your screen when you’re flying from point to point or even when you’re trying to line up a shot so anyway, this right here is the Sun Shade that I’m talking about from industrial rotor, it’s made of a plastic Material and it pops open when you’re ready to use it now the material that houses, the iPad is a soft felt material.


So when you slide your tablet in it won’t scratch up the sides, speaking of which to get to the iPad and to fit it into the sunshade. All we have to do is open the door in the back and slide the tablet in or out now the cutout for the tablet is really precisely cut, so there isn’t much movement or shifting around when you go to move the controller around or even interact with The screen now, as expected, there are cutouts around for the various different buttons and ports, but one thing I would have to say is that the home button is awfully close to this edge, which is no problem to me, because I can still use the button, but It does get pretty annoying when I keep hitting the plastic now.


The coolest part about this sunshade is that it connects directly to the phantom remote using a mount sold by industrial rotors, so that the controller connects directly to the tablet and sunshade. It makes the assembly feel like one whole piece, so that’s rugged and not flimsy, like so many of the other sun shades that i’ve tried. The mouse is easily screwed in using a provided, allen, wrench and is constructed from metal. So you really don’t have to worry about damaging it, but on the other hand it does add some unnecessary weight and for those asking don’t worry, they made sure to keep the landing loop. Now, for me, considering I like to use my iPad Mini for strictly for flying purposes, I love how I’m able to unscrew the sunshade and tablet from the remote controller and put both of them together in my bag.


It really does alleviate that extra step of having to set up the tablet, holder, all thermocontroller and then put the sunshade into place. Now, when I headed outside to do a test of just how much Sun was with the sunshade, it was really hard to pick up the results. But I do want to point out that the inside of the monitor hood is really dark. Everything else around it is pretty overexposed, so this sunshade, like many others, does a really good job at blocking the glare from your screen. Now getting back to the and the build of the sunshade, I really do like how the iPad Mini has a dedicated slot in the back, so that it kind of acts as a case.


Almost I really don’t expect myself to be dropping my tablet. All that much but again, I do like how it kind of engulfs the entire tablet and protects it where some of these other flimsy sunshades just kind of attach with rubber bands or attach around the tablet holder again, I really do enjoy how this is all one. Big assembly, so look the Sun Shade that I use is definitely on the more expensive side and it seems like a lot of people who watch youtube. Videos get mad at the people who post YouTube videos we’re featuring this high priced gear on that channel. But I’m someone who definitely to spend a little bit extra to get the best of the best, and, in my opinion this is the best that you can buy, or I guess the best on the market as of right now, the two things again that I really Love about this is first of all that holds the iPad right in here.


It’S kind of one thing I can just fit this right into my bag, and the other thing is that it connects directly to the Phantoms remote controller and something that I’ve been looking for. For a while – and I think that this does a very good job at it and it has these little teeth in there that connect to the teeth on there, no controller. So it’s not going to be flopping back and forth and, as I stated in the title, this is more geared towards. I guess professional drone pilots or someone who really likes to fly their drone and looking for a more expensive and I guess a more well-built option than just one of those flimsy sunshades. So I know that this won’t gear or, I guess, cater towards everybody, but again go easy on me down there in the comments section.


As I do know, this is a pretty expensive alternative, but if you guys are interested in this I’ll leave some links down in the description it’s kind of like these are built and fit for specific tablets. So this one right here is built specifically for the iPad Mini 4, and they also have some different versions for specific tablets and smartphones that you may have on you, or that you may use to fly so be sure again to go out check those links and Be sure if you do order, one order, the right one anyway, guys hope you enjoy the video and, as always I’ll talk to you later: peace.


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