A day in the life of a DRONE PILOT [4K]

by Jose

[, Music, ] hi everyone, my name, is Chara. Welcome to my youtube channel. I am a freelance professional pilot in and it’s about 528 a.m. in right now. Over the weekend, I have a project to fly.

The and make a video for an industrial company – and today is Thursday, so we’re gonna go with Francesca and check out the area before the actual flight and the project itself. We’re gonna go. Do a little discovery fly the around the Coronado Bridge, because that’s, where we’re gonna be shooting and yeah it’s.

Gon na be an exciting day, and I decided to do this vlog and share my day with you guys in the format of a professional drone pilot okay. Here we are 7:00 a.m. and the chilling Center on the road we’re, going to a Coronado Island near the downtown, and we’re gonna do some location, scouting and a practice flight and wakes up early guys.

It’s, not even 7:00 a.m. here, and there’s, a ton of traffic’s and take us 30 minutes together: [, Music, ], okay. We are here in Coronado Island next to the skate park. There’s, the water and bridge behind me, so we’re gonna put the drone up in the air and do a test flight and we’re gonna be shooting some photos and videos of like huge 18-wheeler Industrial trucks going over that bridge in a few days, so we wanted to come over here, do a practice flight and make sure everything’s.

Gon na go smooth as we want it to [ Music ]. So I just finished the test flight and it went great. The light is perfect. Today we’re, just hoping that it’s, a similar light on Sunday as well. So we can get crisp and nice footage and photos for our client and if it’s, not we’re.

Just gonna have to postpone and do it on another day when it’s sunny like today, but it was a great test flight. I really like the results. I’m excited to make this project happen, so yeah that’s good time.

Is it epic? It’s 7:40 and my day is almost done. No, I’m just kidding, but the first part of my day, so here we are in the second location. This is one of the clients main warehouses in San Diego. So I’m gonna put the drone up in the air around the warehouse and see the light and everything cuz.

I’m gonna be making a website video for this company. I’m gonna be including some shots from that Coronado Bridge with these trucks passing over the bridge in a few days, and then I also want to get some shots inside the warehouse and outside like around it.

So I’m gonna do a second test flight around here, let’s, put the drone up in the air [ Music ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. I just completed the second test flight of the day and it was beautiful.

I think I already got most of the footage that I need to use in the video, so we’re, just gonna hope that it’s sunny and nice, but they I come back to shoot and we’re. Gon na be all good. I know this video is titled the drone pilot, but it’s more gonna be like a morning in the life of a drone pilot, because I’ve already done before 9 a.

m. but let’s go home and we ‘ Ll talk some more. We are home. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and, if you did please don’t forget to drop it thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and turn the notifications on, because I’ll, be uploading, a lot more videos and I’m actually gonna vlog the actual shoot in a few days when we go and shoot the trucks and the warehouse and everything – and I want to do like a behind-the-scenes vlog of that whole project.

So if you’re interested in that, please go ahead and subscribe and if you drop a comment that would make me really happy as well. Thanks for watching – and I hope to see in the next video peace, five thirty and I’ve – never been able to get this on camera.

So let ‘ S. Go get this on camera. Here’s, a playlist! You might like wake up dance on Amazon, music thanks, I like so I like so did I set this alarm. You can say things like set an alarm for everything.

You can also see a list of a long time. Yes every morning. This is what we deal with. We cannot turn it off. We cannot find it in the menu. If anybody knows how to fix this, please let us know [, Music, ],

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