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Hey everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to the first video in what’s, going to be a seven kondu, seven, seven pot course on creating a successful drone business. This really is kind of us trying to help you get into the meat of what a drone biz is all about and guide you through the the seven main steps that you need to think about in order to kind of grow and build a successful business.

So welcome to the first video now before we can, I get cracking on this. It’s really important to understand that in any business most businesses there are generally four functions that you need to be aware of, and each of these four functions requires attention all the time it requires nurturing.

It requires hugs and love and guidance really in order for you to be able to grow, and those four functions, if you think about them chronologically, are generally marketing, really those adding kind of fuel to our fire so that we can build it up.

And if we make enough noise and if we create a big enough fire, then everyone will get to know about us and that will bring people into our ecosystem into our environments. It will make them aware of us and really that’s.

The thing that kind of brings the leads in and brings the customers in brings the business in and, if you think about it, and we’ll talk about this a lot on the way through this miniature course. If you like, think about what we’re, doing think about what we’re doing with these types of videos, I guess given the game away a little bit, but ultimately this is incredible.

for us. It’s, directed square face on our target demographic target, psychographic. It’s, people who are looking to build a drone business because they are ultimately, I suppose, the services that we provide out in the wild.

That will be watching this kind of thing and hopefully, if you get to know like and trust us enough throughout this series and the rest of the drone market is eat your own business secrets, our own expert secrets, videos that we do, then you will come to Us when you need a solution to a problem that we can help you with.

So if nothing else – and I’m – definitely not saying, go and copy other people, but certainly model what other people are doing and as I say, that will become more evident as we go throughout this training course, and hopefully you’ll, See what we’re doing and you’ll – be able to gain a lot of information from that, so that’s.

The first function is the side of things. Then you ‘ Ve got to work out. What you do when you are bring in these people to you, when you’re, getting the digital eyeballs onto your business and you’re starting to drive traffic to your business.

How do you then convert that traffic into customers? So you ‘ Ve got to have some kind of sales process in place. That means that you can take these hopefully hot leads, they might be warm leads.

You might get some cold leads. You know, depending on where you’re, focusing what niche you’re, looking to wrap yourself down into, but you’ve got to come up with some kind of sales process, whether that’s, an email sequence, Whether that is a I don’t know an online forum, whether that is a blog, that you run some kind of sales process that actually, I suppose, thinking about it is gonna be emails and telephone that is generally gonna be the way You do it, you might actually then go out and meet some people, but don’t go and do these things cold think about them.

First, trusters we’ve learned this the hard way over the last five to six years. You need to come up with a process, and hopefully you know this series will give you a little bit of that as well, and if not then give us a shout and we can help you out.

We can help you build that process. We can walk you through what you need to do to make a successful transition from a lead to a customer to gain. Those leads that you’re gonna be generating and turning them into customers.

Then the third function is the actual delivery of the product. So in our case, within the drôme market, it is, I guess, delivering a drone service to people for us. In particular, it’s. Reliving delivering training services to people you’ve got to think about how you’re gonna.

Do that you’ve got to work out how to kind of excel at that and become an authority at that. More on that later on in the different parts of the series, we got to work out how you can be the best at that that you can be, and if you can’t there’s, no kind of substitute.

I guess for getting somebody else in who can, particularly in the early stages, if you are not competent and confident with what you are offering to people. Actually, it might be that your function within your business is to generate the traffic generate.

The leads turn those leads into customers and actually then white-label somebody in and get them to do the work for you, because they can do it very well and that’s. What we’ve done within our business whenever we didn’t, have the capacity for us to deliver at the highest levels, as we were within the kind of unmanned space and the film and TV space.

If we didn’t have enough people, then at certain times we would form that work out to other people that we trusted who would white-label as us. So that is another function within the business to actually how you deliver the end-product, then, finally, is the finance side, and this is some in the.

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with us business owners as people. That business is the finance side, and that is you know, doing your accounting and keeping on top of all of your finances. You, cash flow, etc, etcetera, etcetera that’s, not an unfortunate by-product initially, but hopefully that becomes a great by-product when your own.

In some good money that you need to think about, but here’s, the thing what we found is that most people who are entering the drone industry concentrates solely on one of those elements that element really being the flying side of things.

The data capture, the data delivery side of things they are not concentrated on marketing. They are not thinking about the sales process; they are not thinking about the finance side of things or, if they are, they’re, not thinking about it in the right way, whereas how you know, how can I invest my money wisely so that I Can leverage that money and stop selling my time for an amount of money, stop myself being a commodity and being that race down to the bottom on price? How can I offer a value package to people that allows me to stand out from everybody else, and that really, I suppose, is the importance of all this.

You know 25 % of your business at most is going to be you flying because you ‘ Ve got those four functions to complete, so I’m, not saying you need to neglect the fly and you absolutely don’t. That is one of the things that will make you stand out.

However, you are not going to get to the point where you’re doing any flying. If you haven’t got your marketing nailed down. If you haven’t got your sales process nailed down so that you can take those people that you are bringing in as leads from the marketing element.

You know the fuel that you’re, adding onto your fire, generating that noise generating that traffic getting those digital eyeballs onto your websites. If you’re, not working out the processes that come beforehand.

So in this video we’re, going to talk very quickly about how to attract customers to us. This is the first aid really, how do we get people to come to us and really it revolves around making noise, but it’s.

All about making noise in the right places at the right time. What we see at the moment in a lot of places, is there on the forums. For example, there are lots of forms out there, lots of Facebook groups and there are of commercial operators a lot of professional drone operators who are on there spending their time being negative about the industry being negative about each other in a kind of bun fight.

If you like to get more attention than everybody else, but when you think about it, are your target market and if you are guilty of doing this, which I think a lot of people are from what we’ve. Seen then have a think about this: is your target market as a drone operator as a commercial drone operator on those CA, a PF, Co forums is your target market in there in terms of people.

You want to sell your services to, and I would say absolutely not. If you look at us, we don’t generally get involved in those those forums unless it’s. A question which someone’s, asking that we have a video that answers the question, because that gives us more exposure and actually then, when people start kind of pardon, the colloquialism swagging is off on those forums.

All that does is advertise our channel and our services more. It’s an incredible way and it’s, an amazing marketing technique, because our competitors and I don’t really class them as competitors. We don’t generally, have them being the kind of category king, the market sector leader in our space.

It just means our competitors are then advertising us by proxy, which I think a lot of people. Don’t understand a lot of what we do takes the market into the second and third levels when people are struggling to even get to the first level, so that’s, just one of those things so don’t Waste your time in a place where your customers aren’t.

You need to get information that’s. Gon na help your target market and put that in front of them at a time when they’re. Looking for a solution, so one of the best ways to attract leads into your ecosystem is to have a blog is to make videos like this, because when people have a question when they have a problem, one of the first things they will all do is go To Google or another search engine, many others are available, not that we tend to use many nowadays other than that one they go on there, they type in their question and bang the answers come up now.

If you have answered their question on a blog that you’ve written in paper that you’ve written on a LinkedIn article on a video videos are incredible because they SEO so high, because Google particularly put it on YouTube.

Google wants you to create great content on YouTube because it brings people in and it generates their more advertising revenue. If you look for our videos, for example, on YouTube, you will see that if you type in the questions that our videos are answering you’ll get a load of Google hits over the top that the SCP the search engine, the SERP.

Sorry, the search and results pages will show answers to the question, but they always tends to put videos up at the top because they want you to go there and interact with the content. They want to drag you on to their platform, rather than sending you off to somewhere else.

So if you have the capability and the opportunity create videos that answer questions, that your target audience will be searching for it’s, honestly, the ultimate way to bring leads in it’s. The thing that we do, that’s, why we do these videos are one of the main reason to do these videos, because we know that people are searching for the services that we offer and if we can provide them with content, if we can Provide them quality, content and answer those questions before they’re, even metters.

They get to know like and trust us, and that means that they come into our ecosystem and when they are ready, when they are ready for us to provide a solution to a problem that they have. We’re here and we’re good to go and we’re able to help them with a paid for service generally, and that is exactly the route that I would employ you to go down.

The first thing you’ve got to do is attract people start thinking about your target market, your target demographic, where those people hang out the kind of questions that are going to be asking generating what we call a buyer persona.

I’m, not gonna go into that here, because it’s, an entire kind, of course, on its own, but that’s. What we call it within the marketing world, a buyer persona and we work out who are our ideal clients? Then we work out.

Where do they live not physically? Where do they live because that’ll? Be a bit stalkerish? Where do they live on the internet? Where do they live in the worlds that we want them? So if we are going for the niche, for example, which is Chartered Surveyors, where do we find surveyors on the internet and actually an incredible place for this is LinkedIn? We would start to network then potentially a little bit more on that as we go throughout the course on in other videos.

This is about attracting them in so start to look at what they. What questions they’re, asking join some forums that those people are enjoying and find and join the forums that your target market is in.

Look at the questions that your target market are asking on those forums in relation to drones and potentially the services that you could provide and then start to write down those questions we’ve got a list of hundreds and hundreds of questions and more Questions come in all the time because of the content that we create on YouTube and that’s.

Amazing, because then we don’t have to think about the questions at our target market or looking for the answers for we get given those questions directly back, we’ve got another video. We ‘ Ve got some more content.

It’s out there, so first part the first step. How do you attract your customers? How do you get those people in through the door if you’ve got any more questions or comments. Please pop them down in the comment section below we are here and happy to help.

I’ve been Matt. Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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